Discount Honeymoons

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In Denver, Colorado, the average wedding costs over $24,000. On the U.S. East Coast, it’s considerably more. Destination weddings (with affordable honeymoon and elopement) have quadrupled since 2001 nationwide as a result. The best destination wedding packages give you a chance to get help from a wedding coordinator or travel agent to “get away from it all,” have an exotic wedding and honeymoon package in a beautiful setting and save 80% or more on the cost of your wedding! A Colorado mountain wedding is the most beautiful of all: elopement at a wedding chapel and a honeymoon destination surrounded by towering peaks, endless fun and adventure.

We can videotape your wedding for free and post it on Facebook. Bring the video home with you and throw two parties in your back yard: one for your friends and one for your family, and let everyone watch a video of the most romantic wedding they’ve ever seen! The mountain views will take their breath away, Of course, close family members and best friends can also come on your destination wedding.

Our travel agents can connect you with hotels and restaurants to make everyone comfortable. We have a budget caterer who can set up an Italian, Chinese, Mexican or other buffet for as little as $21 per person complete. We can have a budget tuxedo waiting for the groom and groomsman for as little as $49 (plus $15 for formal shoes). Our nondenominational ministers are inexpensive as well and offer traditional and nontraditional wedding vows. We have free recorded music, free flowers and complete decorations… we are ready for you! You fly into Denver and everything else is taken care of for you by our experienced, caring staff.     Denver is one of the most affordable cities to fly to from anywhere in the country. United, Frontier and Southwest Airlines all have major hubs here and airfares are very competitive for non-stops from over 100 U.S. cities. Our travel agents can help you, or you can log onto to check fares to Denver from anywhere in the world.  Aspen, Vail and Colorado’s more famous locations are always available for your honeymoon, but to save even more money we can recommend some inexpensive, out of the way places in southwestern Colorado with incredible views, funky family restaurants, smaller ski resorts, and no crowds anywhere.
If you want to go on the “very inexpensive” and love being surrounded by 14,000′ peaks, mom and pop ski resorts, or natural hot springs, check out the smaller, sleepier mountain towns of Buena Vista (14,000′ peaks and a hot spring), Salida (14ers and a hot spring), Lake City (14ers), Cripple Creek (gambling), Canon City (world’s highest bridge), Dinosaur (Dinosaur National Monument), Fruita (Dinosaur fossils, Colorado National Monument), Rye (high mountains and the wildest castle you’ll ever see: vertigo guaranteed!) and a number of other out of the way towns.